Holy Tree on QuShui, Tibet - Photo by Yongjiu Dai

Computing Facilities

1. High Performance Computers


1) SGI ALTIX 3700 BX2:

  • Processors: 160x1.5GHz Intel Itanium-2 CPUs with 4MB on-chip cache
  • Memory: Two interactive nodes, each with 64 GB of memory,
  • RAID disk storage capacity: 2TB TP9300 (2Gb Fiber Channel)

2) Altix350:

  • Processors: 8x1.4GHz Intel Itanium CPUs with 4MB on-chip cache
  • Memory: Two interactive nodes, each with 32 GB of memory,
  • 500GB Ultra 350 storage


  • System software: SGI Advanced Linux Environment with SGI ProPack
  • Also available: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 from Novell
  • Networking: TCP/IP, NFS V2/V3, DHCP, SNMP management, SNMP MIB, NIS/ONC+
  • Available server software: XFS 64-bit journaled filesystem, XVM Volume Manager, CXFS shared filesystem, Performance Co-Pilot system and network monitoring, SGI Cluster Manager for Linux, DMF, TMF
  • Compilers: Intel Itanium Processor Family compilers: C/C++, Fortran; GNU compilers: C, Fortran 77
  • Tools:
    C Libraries: MPT, Array Services, CPU sets, SCSL, FFIO, and Intel Math Kernel Library
    C Debuggers: Etnus TotalView, Intel idb, GNU gdb (with Fortran extensions)
    C Performance analysis: Intel VTune, Intel Trace Analyzer, Intel Trace Collector, SGI Histx
  • Interoperability: Samba environments for PC
  • Partitioning: Support for system partitioning for systems up to 512P with maximum partition size 256P

2. User's Manual

  • Linux
  • F90
  • GrADS
  • NCL
  • IDL